Better Place Marketing offers strategy, planning, and execution. 

Brand Messaging & Positioning

Brands often need a boost—they need more strength, a louder voice.  Better Place Marketing starts with a look at the current situation and takes a deep dive into what makes the organization unique. We'll position the brand so that it occupies a distinct position in the minds of those you’re trying to reach.

Strategy & Planning

Think of your marketing plan as your playbook which everyone can reference. It describes the target market, competitors, and the game plan going forward. I'll help you identify target markets that fit with your brand, because being everything to everyone doesn't work for anyone. We’ll measure as we go, learn and analyze, and continue to improve.

Competitive Research & Analysis

We’ll help shed light on what else is out there, where you’ll be most successful, and generate strategies to provide a distinct advantage.

Content Marketing

Producing high quality content is critical to staying relevant and engaging with an organization's target audience. I’ll research, outline, and fully develop content marketing to fully engage the organization in its community's conversation.

Email Marketing

Email marketing that is targeted and relevant will be read and acted upon by your target audience. I’ll help you keep it targeted, short, and to the point.

Customer Surveys & Analysis

The best way to know what people think is to ask them. We’ll learn everything from what an organization’s doing right to how target audiences like to communicate.

Social Media

Where should you be? What should you say? What can you learn? We'll work with you to make a plan and execute it.


There’s so much to learn about your target audience from your web site, phone, email, social media, transactions, and more. I’ll analyze it, help improve relations, and increase loyalty and target your best prospects.